I just discovered that this test existed on the Online Students section of So, I logged-in, took the test, and scored in the 90's (percentage wise) on damn near every section. There was a lot of technology-centric questions such as what does ISP stand for? and stuff like that, and it reminded me a lot of the placement test I took to see if I was a good candidate to pursue the CompTIA (which I was).

Anyway, it's cool to get a boost of confidence like that and see that I am a good fit. Good times, indeed.

Simple title. Just the time. But what am I up to at this hour? I just listened to ~15 minutes of a 25 minute podcast(?), broadcast(?) by The Intercept and even though they were interviewing someone very interesting and discussing the right things (that were of my interest, anyway) the interviewer sort of fell short in terms of discussing anything. It could very well have been a pre-written interview that was sent through e-mail and then published in written form, because either the interviewer was not listening to what the guest was saying, or didn't care, or didn't have the brains/social skills to respond appropriately, but there was no discussion occurring at all. This is basically how it is in most mainstream (and even most alternative) media outlets. It isn't so much slant that people need to concern themselves with (unless it is Fox or MSNBC or some other propaganda service), it's the fact that the hosts/interviewers stop listening altogether and just spit out question after question despite what was spoken by the guest.

But I digress. I am sure the topic is what really matters, and the fact that it (the topic, which was failures of capitalism in this case) was being discussed at all in any form (aside from a blog or op-ed) is a win in the category of bringing awareness to the fact that our (American) system is quite broken, and we have to change it.

There is a laundry list of books I want to read that I wrote down somewhere, and I have been incredibly delinquent in getting through that list. I have two books checked out from the SLCL right now and I have barely touched them. I suppose I only like reading when I know it will benefit me in some way (such as college textbooks). This runs counter to reading for fun or reading for growth or personal enrichment. I know this reading because I have to trend has to stop at some point, and I still will read because it is required of me, but, I would LIKE to read for FUN again, too!

I'll get there

because it is a collection of (more recent, for now) notes I put in the journal and this will be a slower, less-updated blog because it is basically just journal entries I wrote offline that I decided are worth sharing.

Thanks :)

I always like the computer-y monospace font that offers. The vast majority of my blog posts on here are Serif because that is what this blog basically defaults to and I (previously) couldn't get my blog to default to Monospace every time I went to write something. It almost always reset to Serif, but, that was over a year ago, so maybe things have changed.

Also looking at and Gopher for plain text files on the Web, neat stuff to read into. Reminds me of a mid-90's Internet in a way because photos were horrendously slow to load over dial up and video basically didn't exist. But anyway, I am going to bring some stuff from (my personal journal) onto in a minute here. Just things I want to share.

::DISCLAIMER:: don't smoke. It's bad!

I sincerely doubt there are any members of the YouTube Pipe Community or Instagram Pipe Community on, and I also doubt anyone knows who I am talking about when I mention Matches 860, but, in the tobacco pipe world they are well known. I just watched a 翻 hours long video from Matches and I was so inspired that I went to BP gas station and purchased Swisher BLK Cherry cigars (cheaply made, but contains pipe tobacco, not cigar leaf) and loaded up the Medico tobacco pipe and had some as I watched. I already have a massive bag of D&R Vengeur tobacco sitting here as well as a tin of Presbyterian Mixture, but I wanted a cherry aromatic because today the #stlwx is juuuust right to have the sliding glass door cracked open a bit and the heat turned off so I can get the most out of an aro.

For those who do not know me, I am a total tobacco pipe hound. I had been a smoker (of cigarettes) since 1994 and I, like most smokers are/were, was completely disgusted by the traditional cigarettes I smoked for the better part of two decades. I then went to electronic cigarettes, but I never really got what I needed out of them, and then when people were being put into medically-induced comas because of vaping-induced pneumonia; I had had enough of e-cigs, too. And that is where tobacco pipes came in. I wanted to give them a try for a couple years, and then on a whim (in November 2018) I ordered a tin of Presbyterian Mixture and a Missouri Meerschaum Legend corncob pipe and thoroughly enjoyed it throughout the months of November and December of 2018. It wasn't long before after that that I decided to quit e-cigs altogether.

I am not saying people should start smoking a tobacco pipe for ANY reason, but there is a community of current smokers (a lot of them former cigarette smokers) that truly do enjoy pipes, and sometimes cigars. Personally, I can not get into traditional, cigar leaf-based cigars. Too full-bodied, too bold, and just aren't very pleasant to me. My go-to tobacco is D&R (Daughters & Ryan) Vengeur for bulk/regular smoking (because it is a sweet Virginia tobacco blend that has zero tongue bite and is incredibly cheap). But my favorite of all time is the Presbyterian Mixture, but I have tried probably two dozen blends in the past year, and liked almost all of them.

Anyway, just wanted to profess my love of tobaccy real quick. Be back in a bit!

Instead of doing everything I was going to do Sunday, I am doing them tomorrow morning, instead. That means 9:30 AM I am heading out to buy a Xmas tree, and probably 5 million other things I cannot think of at the moment. So it will be a busy day.

Sunday and Monday, STL gets covered in snow (allegedly). Sounds good to me!

Throughout part of today (and a good part of last night), I tried to find some concentration for the AA degree (Associates in Arts), and unless I just start throwing stuff against the wall, and hoping something will stick my best bet is to go ahead and take the Mass Communications concentration as the area of study. All of the ADVANCED #writing sections are under the MCM (Mass Communications) section, anyway. There are some like poetry interpretation classes under ENG (English), but I can't exactly get an AA concentration in Literature and show up to a job and say I have good taste in books!. I need something practical that can showcase my writing abilities (from an academic perspective, not just well-thought-out blog posts and e-books). So, I will do this.

I always said, when I get WiFi for my apartment, I will rid myself of a smartphone and just have a feature (dumb) phone as my primary phone. As long as it has texting abilities and good call quality, that is all that should matter. I can do everything I need/want to do via a desktop enviro. As of now, I have an iPhone 6, and I am going to slim it down to basically the bare essentials until I purchase either a Nokia 3310 (the newer model from 2017/18/whatever) or a similar reliable feature phone. To save room and not have to do another blog post, I will pause this writing and slim the iPhone down right now to list apps I am keeping. They are:

  • Safari
  • iMessage
  • Signal
  • Spotify
  • ProtonMail
  • YouTube
  • MyChart (medical)
  • Keybase
  • Firefox Focus
  • LastPass
  • Google Home
  • and then some built-in apps like App Store, Calculator, Settings, Photos, Files, Weather, blah, blah

I deleted about five apps just now and the ones listed above are the ones I will keep. But even these are not totally necessary. But I am not going to go into an exercise of Need vs Want because I basically Need/Want all of the apps listed (otherwise, they would have been deleted). This does not, however, magically make my iPhone 6 into a feature phone. It DOES limit what I can do with it though.

I have always avoided taking my phone out of my pocket in public or around other people, and this has been the case since I bought my first smartphone (HTC Aria!) in 2009. When I am at home, I am vegged out in front of the computer all day, anyway, so this works out.


Just walked down to the vending machine (to get another soda (because I am very unhealthy at times)) and saw the full moon and that SOB is BIG!

Anyway, it's 7 PM on the dot and I have no other projects to work on tonight (not that learning Rust was a planned project, spur of the moment, and failed as quick as it began).

I am going to find something to do

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