Frugal Budgeting

Everything is accounted for in the September, 2019 #budget and all my finances are in order, everything looks good. Good to go! The monies I will have left over I will use towards Chuck Taylor’s (low-top, sunflower yellow, dapper), a new case for my Pixel 3a (one that will not be removed and therefore not get worn out), and the tobacco purchase from P&C (nothing too expensive).

I got to thinking about my commitment to #minimalist spending and realized that I do not need the Brydge keyboard at all. The MS Arc Mouse, not needed either (until iPadOS arrives sometime in (probably) late-September). So I decided to nix those things from the budget. For now, anyway. I will probably buy some silver in September, as well. In fact, I know I will. Been a while since I bought some.

Anyway, that is all for now. Be back in a bit!