Gotta Get Some Work Done/Get Busy

I won’t go over the projects I am working on, I have already done that enough times on this blog. And I won’t go over what I am waiting for to work on said projects, either (clue: it arrives Sept. 30). And I won’t go into how I am motivated/excited about the projects I am working on but simultaneously can’t stand hustle culture.

No, I will not go into all of those things. But what I will go into is how I am having a double-black tea and a bowl of Borkum Black and just enjoying the crickets outside. Chillaxing.

The one thing I will need in order to work on the projects I am working on is a Bluetooth mouse. Specifically the MS Arc Mouse that I like so much but that costs money. No matter. Can’t wait on it. I am putting it in the budget and it has to happen.


Be back in a bit!